Sunday, August 2, 2009

Google is already doing "transpromo". I wonder who is getting the clicks. C'mon Google lets take down textbooks with clickable newspapers.

Google's Ad-Sales Reporting Is the Real Newspaper Killer
"I got a handsome newsletter from Google (GOOG) a few weeks ago.

It was a four-page 80-pound-paper stock mailing, printed just for me, in a crisp envelope, entitled Adwords Newsletter. It was to tell me about my recent ad campaign with Google. A report worthy of the old Price Waterhouse, it was as useful an explanation of Google advertising as could be devised in four pages. Typographically, it was very good.

Mind you, I had spent a less than $10 with Google. I had been hooked by a $50 Google trial offer that had been part of a promotional package sent out to users of Hostgator, my web hosting company.

The page had a summary of the Google advertising I had done, and a repeat of the most effective ad.

The custom report also had keywords that worked to lure my 11 clicks, total impressions (over 70,000) and a 0.03% click-through-rate. On the back, it had explanations of how to figure ROI. I compare it to newspapers, who often just expect small retail merchants to understand lingo like CPM. The lead sentence was:

You probably already review the number of clicks and impressions your ads receive, but are you tracking your ROI too?"
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