Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Twitter streams in #clickableprint. My two cents: It's the next big thing.

Clickable Print = Print + TinyPurls + Smart QR. It's about connecting Print and personal TV.

Twitter is still being figured out. Some snippets from iShift follow
Twitter Spirituality,
"Upstart social media phenomenon Twitter has been generating plenty of conversation on its impacts and meaning—practical, technological, and even spiritual.

Media consultant Steven Vedro, for example, just posted a new essay on his blog called "Twitter, Ambient Awareness, and Spiritual Practice." Former IONS staff member Stephen Dinan recently posted "The Spiritual Importance of Twitter" on his blog (check out the cautionary response of "mattbert" a few comments below it).

Other perspectives on how Twitter is reflecting and impacting both public-collective and individual consciousness include the following:

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