Monday, August 17, 2009

Internet = anytime, anywhere TV. Printernet = anytime, anywhere Print. QR codes connect the two.

At Tunicca Pre-media, Gary George is tinkering with the technology to come up with a model for Anywhere, Anytime Print. It's the most advanced thinking on the subject I've seen until now. The subject at hand is newspapers delivered in kiosks.

The same mashup of technologies works to connect MPS to PSP's to produce clickable postcards, 3 hole punched "thinking sheets", and newspapers to supplement and ultimately replace textbooks in K -12 education. As in any discussion of TV, Print and the Internet, it's not an "either/or" multiple choice question. It's a how will they fit together in different ways at different times essay question.

In today's New York Times there is a front page story describing the shape of education reform.
Obama Pushes States to Shift on Education
By Sam Dillon
Published: August 16, 2009

Holding out billions of dollars as a potential windfall, the Obama administration is persuading state after state to rewrite education laws to open the door to more charter schools and expand the use of student test scores for judging teachers.
it should be clear by now that the old way doing the education business are going to change dramatically in the next few years.

I'm right that anywhere, anytime print will drive better education and if I'm right that accurate measurements - including, but not limited to text score results - are going to evolve much more quickly than we've seen in the recent past,

the need for anytime, anywhere print is going to increase dramatically.

That's why my IRA is focused on the global Print companies. It's also why I wish that Kodak and HP would spin off the Print pieces of their business. Maybe it's why the IRA has been doing ok since February.

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