Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is Microsoft's Secret Weapon. They would probably be interested in the clickable printernet.

By now everyone has heard the news: EveryBlock is now part of
from MediaShift Idea Lab .

from a comment in the thread to EveryBlock, and the General Public License
The Web site is owned by Microsoft and NBC, and the TV channel MSNBC is owned by NBC. And, yes, the Web site does serve as the Web home for its half-sister, MSNBC. But that doesn't mean they're the same company. also serves as the Web home of Newsweek, and has content from The New York Times, but they don't own each other, either. It is confusing: If is the Web site owned by Taco Bell, then you'd think that is owned by MSNBC, but it turns out not to be true in this case. The cable and TV companies have been separate joint partnerships from the beginning."

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