Friday, August 21, 2009

A quibble with Frank Romano. It's not digital relativity. It's evolutionary string theory.

Since won't post their videos at YouTube and I'm much too lazy to figure out why they play on every computer but mine, I was really happy to get my Frank Romano fix in Australia via the UK from Pro Print.

Click on The theory of digital relativity to read the whole thing. Of course, it's worth a click. In the meantime, here's my quibble.

Frank says :
"Digital disruption
What can be digitally originated, integrated, communicated, stored, retrieved and metamorphosed, will be. The Theory of Digital Relativity is not based on evolution; it is based on revolution."
I say:
Einstein was right, but never got to the Theory of Everything. Now it's all about string theory and evolution. So . . . it is based on evolution. On the other hand, dinosaurs seem to have evolved into birds. Good to be bird. Sucks to be a dinosaur.

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