Monday, August 17, 2009

Yes. Print business has been bad. But Pointing to a week economy is just blablabla. And EK v XRX v HP

Nice story at with figures from all the global showing that business was bad last year.
Commercial print industry feels headwinds -
"In case after case, companies have pointed to a weak overall economy as the culprit."
Give me a break! Lower top line is very sensitive to a weak economy. But lower bottom line is the result of a weak economy and a too slow to respond top management. It's just like teachers blaming bottom of the pyramid high school kids for their low test scores. And both deserve the same response.

"You get paid the big bucks to get through the hard times, not to reap the benefits of the good times."


Executives from local commercial printing companies came to the Woodcliff Hotel and Spa in Perinton last week for a sales pitch from Hewlett-Packard. The W7200 installed at Mercury Print is one of only four in the field now, and the only one operating in North America.

California electronics giant HP hopes to change that soon.

Its W7200 is intended for roughly the same customers as Xerox’s iGen line and, to an extent, Kodak’s Versamark inkjet presses, said Steve Odoniou, associate director of InfoTrends’ On Demand Printing and Publishing Consulting Service.

Those three companies dominate a key part of the commercial print segment — roll-fed or cut-sheet digital presses that can do 1 million to 10 million pages a month. While Kodak has about 20 percent of the market and Xerox has 35 percent, HP has nearly 39 percent and growing, Odoniou said.

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