Sunday, January 4, 2009

Competition or One for Our Team or both

Read at Beyond-Print -
"Gerhard Martterer, AlphaPicture CEO, was watching attentively when Xerox CTO Ursula Burns presented the Xerox 980 Color Continuous Feed Printing System, the world’s fastest digital xerographic toner-based full-color continuous feed printer of its kind, at the Ipex South Asia in New Delhi. The printer is capable of an amazing 980 full-color DIN A4 pages per minute. “When I saw this,” remembers Martterer, “it was clear that we had to accelerate our high-speed image personalization generators to 1,000 AlphaPictures and more per minute.” The task was formidable, but AlphaPicture accomplished what they had set out do right in time for the Drupa. In the case of large volumes, the “Optimized PDF” option is capable of reducing the data bulk of image-personalized AlphaPictures to a tenth of its original size – without having to compromise on quality."
Is the real fight going to be toner vs inkjet? What's the plan for this one?

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