Monday, January 5, 2009

Xerox researching 'erasable' technology

When does this turn into a product and bring some money into the house? This should be a very big deal.
"Xerox has many ideas for the possible use of their erasable paper. Originally, it was to be used in an office environment as a part of one of Xerox’s popular Multifunction Centers. A worker could print out e-mails, memos, to-do lists, etc. in the morning and use the paper all day. The next morning the paper would be “colorless” again; the cycle could be repeated.

Mr. Smith has said the technology could be potentially used in a mobile device since the actual print bar is less than 10 centimeters in both length and width. He also said it might be possible for Xerox to make different types of erasable paper that would keep images longer than a day before erasing."

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