Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Competition: Soy Print Toner

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"via PRNewswire

PRC Technologies is now shipping SoyPrint cartridges, the first laser printer cartridges using toner powder derived from soybeans. Cartridges for the most popular laser printers are available under the SoyPrint brand at prices comparable to brand name versions currently available. Soy ink has been available for some time but this is the first soy toner cartridge for laser printers.

Debe Overhaug , president of PRC Technologies, reports 95% of soybeans are grown for livestock feed. Soybean oil is released during the process as a waste product. 'We're pleased to have found a use for this product,' Overhaug said. 'It takes about 2 liters of oil to product the toner in a single printer cartridge and U.S. businesses, schools, institutions and governments consume over 100 million cartridges per year. That means the United States consumes as much as 200 million liters of oil each year. Now every office employee can help reduce dependence on oil every time they put a toner cartridge in their printer,' Overhaug says."

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