Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oops - from the blogosphere

Is Xerox this stupid…. Really???? � MFPs, MFDs, PRINTERs & COPIERs:

"Please confirm this with your local Xerox agent (I do NOT know this to be true, it is just a rumor as of now). I am asking for your help to either confirm or deny this information.

The Xerox MFD has an issue with Scan to email. The problem as I hear it is that the Xerox MFD can NOT change the name of the the attached file on the fly, and it always names the attached file the same name. It does NOT give it a unique name for each scan to email.

Normally you would not think this would be a problem, but we have a customer that found that it was a big problem for them. They purchased a number of Xerox MFDs and they primarily wanted to scan to email. Here is where the apparent problem arose. It seems that since the Xerox MFD can NOT change the name of the attached file on the fly, That when you run a MS Outlook email client, which so many of us do, once you hit 100 emails with the same name of the attached file that MS Outlook will not or can not open or save an attached PDF (I acknowledge that it is indeed a limitation of Microsoft Outlook).

Both Canon & Konica Minolta have fixed this issue by simply adding a date and time stamp to the scanned file name. Is it really possible that Xerox could be so dense as to not create a unique file name to each of their attached scanned to email files? This makes the Xerox scan to email all but useless as a true scan delivery system. Is this possible? REALLY? TODAY?

That’s my $0.02

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