Friday, January 9, 2009

FYI: Xerox Turnaround Provides Lessons for Obama’s CTO During Economic Downturn

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"The New York Times had reported that president-elect Barack Obama would announce a national CTO today, but no one has been named as of yet.

Also unknown is just how much power the new CTO will wield–don’t expect rumours of Steve Jobs to come true if it’s just a powerless propaganda role.

This morning I spoke with Sophie Vandebroek, CTO of Xerox about some of the lessons learned during the Xerox turnaround over the past seven years. (The company turned a net income loss of $300 million in 2000 into a $1.1 billion profit in 2007.)"
. . .
Dr. Sophie Vandebroek is Xerox’s Chief Technology Officer and the President of the Xerox Innovation Group. She was named to this position January 2006, and became a Corporate Vice President in February 2006.

Vandebroek is responsible for overseeing Xerox’s worldwide research centers and for maximizing the company’s returns on investment in research and technology.

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