Friday, January 9, 2009

FYI: Printer Ink Toner Cartridges Cost Rises 3% to 6%

Read PR release "Ink and toner cartridges have shown an increase in price over the past 6 months.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 8, 2009 --, the largest proprietary database of printer ink and toner prices, announced their price indices show most major manufacturers are increasing their retail pricing anywhere from 3% to 6%.

This effects not just one or two manufacturers, but appears to effect all manufacturers. As of September 2008, HP increased the list prices on all Mono and Color LaserJet Print Cartridges by 5%, as well as approximately 5-6% on Inkjet Cartridges. Lexmark and Xerox also raised their pricing on printer supplies in November 2008 with 5% across the board for Lexmark and 3% to 6% for Xerox. Brother, Canon and Oki soon followed suit."


Websites such as have created an online marketplace for consumers to find and compare TCO (total cost of ownership) on more than 1,650 ink and toner cartridges. Their large database does the testing and evaluating for the consumer helping them to make better selections and money saving choices. Free services such as these could be a lifesaver for those who have a large print output each month.


  1. Im not worried about the future of ink prices. I think the market will be making a big change and the Xerox-Fuji combination will lead the way in being "GREEN" and in technological developments for the future. Xerox is breaking new ground with the wax stick ink and cool, soon to come, erasable paper or ink.

  2. Both me and my IRA believe you. I'm just hoping for faster, rather than slower..and what will Ricoh and the other globals in Japan do to respond?

    The idea that somehow Xerox can set the time horizon is just wrong. They were blindsided before when they virtually owned the copier space.

    Why do you think the wax stick has a sustainable advantage over the newest inkjet or the Riso box that says their cost per color page is very low.

  3. Buy 4 PC-21C color cartridges and get the 5th one FREE. The PC-21C color ink tank replaces the Canon BCI-21C color ink tank.
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  4. Yes, it will be rising up as long as other commodities keep rising too. However, you can compare prices and not be a victim of overpricing. Ink toner is one of the necessities and it's good that you can purchase it online.

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