Sunday, January 4, 2009

One for our team: Mail Shop in a Box program |

XeroRead the full press release:
Xerox Corporation unveiled its Mail Shop in a Box program

The new Mail Shop in a Box program by Xerox Corporation is a hit with all clients. It is one of the easiest ways to update the commercial and quick printers and add mailing services to them. Along with this Xerox has come up with more innovations like the web based sales trainings and the very much in demand Webinars on the changing trends in the industry.
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If one wishes to have an over view of the mailbox all one has to do is to register as a participant in the Graph Expo at Chicago on Tuesday, Oct. 28, noon - 1:15 p.m. in the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Conference Center. To register, visit
Sounds great. I'm a little nervous about getting an "overview". That sounds like this is going to cost $$$. My question is since the investment has already been made to put this together and since the name of the game is clicks and paper, is this being sold? given as a benefit if you buy a box?

I'm hoping not. How about forget about monetizing intellectual property by selling it. The new rules of the Google-Mart economy is "it's sometimes better to give to receive, because you will receive a lot more over the long run.


  1. The good thing is that this is not something a Xerox customer or for that matter a non-Xerox customer would need to shell out $$$ for.

    As a compliment to the successful ‘Digital Print Shop in a Box’ the ‘Xerox Mail Shop in a Box is designed to help educate those in print today to get into mail services as a revenue opportunity to their business.

    For a number of years Xerox Corporation has been helping printing companies succeed with digital through the extensive business development programs like ProfitAccelerator.

    It is after all a part of what Xerox Corporation calls "The New Business of Printing" where the right workflow, the right technology and the right business model all work together to deliver success in a capital investment such as digital...

    Xerox has known for years that buying a digital print engine is not the answer to developing new business revenue. It is a number of attributes of various magnitudes and each of them is truly unique to that of the printer as they invest and hopefully grow.

    Therefore, the Xerox Mail Shop in a Box is helping printers become more successful. Inevitably, most of what is printed ends up in the mail box. It seems natural as the print industry converges inside technology and solutions that it looks to services that compliment not only digital print output but also lithographic output (Also know as the Hybrid Print Shop). Mailing services is a good fit. This program will help educate those printing companies on how to approach mailing and what to look for when getting into it for the first time... And yes it is free... After all, the value of relationships that helps a printer succeed will help feed both revenue streams for the printer and Xerox Corporation.

  2. That's great news. Free is what strikes me as the right price!

    Just curious, can a non Xerox customer buy it?

  3. Answer: a non-Xerox customer cannot buy it...

    If they want it... They simply contact a Xerox rep and ask for it and they will get it for free.

  4. very nice . . . and smart to boot!