Friday, January 9, 2009

Where's the erasable paper?

Read at CRN
here's the important sentence:
“The paper used during printing causes 80 per cent of a laser printer’s environmental impact,” he said.
and then there is:
"Of the brands Printerland stocks, the ones that have especially convincing green claims in Kight’s view include Lexmark, Xerox and Ricoh.

“Ricoh has a very good offering with its wax-based print technology,” he said. “Although Xerox’s solid ink is compelling too. Both companies have unique propositions.”

Ricoh’s gel-based GelSprinters are said to emit less ozone and dust than usual. They also have a mode that reduces the amount of coloured ink used per page.

Xerox’s solid resin-based ink needs no plastic cartridge to contain it, saving on waste.

But it is not all about technology, Kight maintained, with some vendors helping customers reduce waste in other ways. Lexmark helped a bank adopt improved print
management, bringing that company’s cartridge use from 57,000 a year down to 45,600 by re-education."

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