Thursday, February 26, 2009

AIG to do radical restructuring?

Xerox divides itself into separate operating companies under a holding company. PARC becomes PARC University and gets J.S. Brown to accept the position of President to get it going. PSG focuses on Print, with toner, supplies and MFP under one roof. Global Services stops consulting and focuses on going from 51% to 60% on MPS and making it more profitable to boot.

Free advice:
If it makes sense for AIG , I figure it makes sense for our team but without the "government-controlled" part.
Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News -- Seeking Alpha: "advanced talks with U.S. officials about a radical restructuring plan that would split the troubled insurer into at least three government-controlled divisions. Described by one insider as a 'controlled break-up,' the move could end AIG's 90-year history of independence and serve as a model for carving up other troubled institutions."

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