Saturday, February 28, 2009

As it is in Health care, so it is with Education

Healing and learning happen one person at a time.

Education is NOT going to be fixed by computing. It is going to be fixed by helping people to learn to read and reason and giving them enough time to practice.

The best tool for learning to read and making the time to practice is type on Paper. The best expert is the teacher in the classroom. All the rest is infrastructure.

read at Health Care Renewal
A 21st Century Plague?
The Syndrome of Inappropriate Over-Confidence in Computing:

"The same overconfidence, indeed, to the point of irrational exuberance, affects other domains. One domain is healthcare IT. As I shall point out, the SICC syndrome has helped cause major problems in other domains as well. Yet the appetite for yet more computer magic appears to be spreading.

. . . Worse, the arrogance is coupled with ignorance about decades of research in social informatics (the study of the social impacts of computing), observational studies, biomedical informatics and computer science research, etc. (A worst case scenario has occurred to me that people who gravitate towards business IT may lack the interpersonal skills and insights into human behaviors necessary to understand the aforementioned domains and their real world importance.) In any case, this encroachment on medicine by the business IT industry is an unwarranted, unparalleled power, territory and profiteering intrusion, a form of cross-occupational piracy.
. . . I for one, would welcome a cessation of claims that IT will "revolutionize" any field that depends primarily on cognition, such as biomedicine, and a return to more temperate attitudes instead of the almost bellicose grandiosity about HIT we see today. That is to say, that HIT - with proper contributions from the aforementioned specialties - will facilitate better health care, not "revolutionize" it.
Learning critically depends on cognition.

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