Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More on MarketSplash..also HP is an investor in

As expected, the conversation continues at Print CEO - The latest was by Slava Apel on Feb 25, 2009
So, are we facing web to print software challenge? Manufacturer going direct challenge? Distribution challenge?

Glad to see so many comments. Would love to see the real numbers coming out; how many orders are actually being placed through marketsplash. went from 0 (zero) visitors in September to 5,000 visitors in November, 22,000 in December. This is impressive. If 5% visitors end up purchasing (getting cards for free), that’s over 1000 orders per month. At their current growth rate, they can reach that per day very quickly.

. . . HP also invested into Mimeo"

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  1. Good comment. Great research. Will keep on watching it unravel.