Saturday, February 28, 2009

The best thing I've read on the Newspaper business and what it could mean for commercial Print

worth the click to INMA - No Iceberg
Separating Truth from Fiction About Newspapers In This Recession:
"The rationale behind focusing industry efforts on real estate is a long-understood but rarely discussed reality: real estate advertisers hate newspapers. They're not sure that newspaper advertising moves homes, but agents feel pressure to advertise so they can show clients that they're doing something.

The strategist tells me that what's needed is a migration away from selling print ads to the real estate sector … toward evolving the newspaper into the role of marketing services agency to the real estate sector."
Imagine: A commercial print sales force partners with a newspaper ad sales force. Together they deliver multichannel marketing programs that include Ads/Web/VDP Print/ to the real estate industry.

Free advice: Call the advertising manager at a newspaper. They have a problem that needs a solution provider. That would be you.

More free advice from an expert in the Newspaper business:
My only warning for INMA members: Newspapers have about one year before the light at the end of the tunnel appears. When that light appears, the opportunity to push change will evaporate.


  1. I continue to appreciate your "outside the box thinking". I am going to forward your blog to a buddy or 2 for further brainstorming.

    -Lisa Bickford
    owner, Highlight Printing

  2. Nice. I hope it helps. If anything comes out keep us posted.

    One more. Considering talking to the newspaper about the possibility of doing a proof of concept on delivery textbooklets to a local school.

    Here's how it could work:
    find an evangelist educator + an evangelist editor + evangleist writer. They could live at a newspaper or not.
    The educator tells the editor all about standards for high school ed. Best is if the educator is a classroom english or hisotry teacher.

    The editor finds stuff either in the newspaper morgue or on the web. The writer writes a 300 to 500 words that contextualize the stories.

    Then you print 150 copies and deliver it to the classroom. If it works, you scale. If it doesn't tinker with it until it does.