Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To XORiHK Boards of Directors: C-level Comp based Dividends?

So, after Bernake's testimony today it sounds to me, like a plausible plan is in place to make sure that the big 20 banks are not going to go out of business.
According to The Street.com
"The stress test will establish how much capital a bank will need to lend and support the economy, so that even if the bad scenario occurs, it will have enough equity to meet its obligations, said Bernanke. Key was that Bernanke said the capital will be provided in convertible preferred shares, so that the bank can convert the preferred to common only if losses warrant it.

. . . he seemed to say that the government would provide capital, but it wouldn't count as a government ownership implication unless the bank needed to draw down to it -- it would only convert if those losses occurred," says Stone. "I think a lot of people thought that it would simply dilute shareholders."
I'm thinking that with a 60% wipe out of alot of funny money on Wall Street, stock prices will now slowly, very slowly start going back to sustainable levels. But given everything that still has to be fixed. It's going to take a while.

So, how about while we're all waiting, you folks change executive comp so it is based on dividends instead of stock price? If senior management gets comped on dividends, it seems we all have our incentives aligned.

DISCLAIMER: I make no assertion this information is actionable. Make your own investment decisions after your own research. Remember I'm just a blogger, NOT an investment adviser.

Here's what I think I found at Schwab this afternoon.
XORiHK sector dividends - - February 24, 2009 3:18 EST

XRX - Xerox .0425 @5.67 = 3.2%
OCENY OceNY -$.1965 @2.25 = 13.8%
Ricoh was listed as 0 dividends, but that might be because you can only buy ADRs.
HP Hewlett-Packard $.05 @22.98 = 0.9%
EK - Kodak - $.25 - @3.79 = 15.1%

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