Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who exactly is dr droock's Team?

"Anon" asked a good question in the comments that I wanted to share with all our viewers.
Dr Droock, what team are you part of? IN this post you mention. "The sooner our team gets eraseable paper to market, the sooner we make a huge leap in the MPS market"
My Answer:
My IRA started at Xerox. Most of my very good and supportive friends over the years were and are at Xerox. My passion is fixing High School ed, not the Printing Businesss.From where I sit, Xerox, right now has the best legacy and the best possiblity of fixing High School Ed, the fastest.

Besides, I fell in Xerox when they released the Docutech. I have always admired the folks at Parc.

So, like the Chicago Cubs, Xerox is my team. Once I really started looking at the space, on around February 17, I diversified my IRA as it says on the top of the blog.

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