Monday, March 30, 2009

It's not a Purl. It's an Enthusem attachment. Actually it is a Purl.

I wonder who's getting the clicks.
The Ground > Cloud > Print.

One Part of the Cloud Piece:
Founded in 2005, is a leading web-based content storage and collaboration solution adopted by small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies globally.
Over 50,000 businesses use Box to . . . . .
The Print Piece:

from the Enthusem blog
What's an Enthusem attachment?
March 17, 2009 03:18 by angela

"Enthusem attachments are online documents that can be 'attached' to your PRINTED card and when your recipient views their attachment (via a pickup code that's printed on your card) you receive an alert email."

Here's how it works. Sure looks like a PURL to me.

and . . .

The Enthusem Affiliate program
"Thanks for your interest in becoming an Enthusem affiliate! Enthusem makes sending personalized PRINTED greeting cards as easy as sending an email. Even better, like an email, enthusem cards can include attachments. That's right; you can attach electronic files like videos, PDFs or web pages to printed greeting cards - and get email alerts when the files are viewed."

If that's not enough, you can also use any image you want for the front of the card, you can write your own personalize message, you can buy and send cards one-at-a-time and you can try enthusem for free.

Get started now - it's free and easy!

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