Monday, March 30, 2009

More on Oce and Newspapers

Real time is not corporate time.

Internet time does not have to mean super fast. It has to mean 24/7. It's more like fireman time. Lots of life living. Then responding quickly. Then lots of life living.

To be clear, I am not saying that Event 1 is connected to Event 2. Although I do know that Event 2 and Event 3 are linked.

Event 1: My column appeared at PBS on March 24.
Event 2: A thread started at Harvard, Thursday, March 26. 11:00 am.
Event 3: The snippet below Save The Media, Sunday at 9:00 pm

Save The Media

". . . Martin Langeveld has a provocative post at the Nieman Journalism Lab. He explains that Océ, a Dutch firm, has unveiled a new digital web press that could print full-color individually customizable newspapers fast. The idea is readers would sign up for the news they want, and the newspaper would print and distribute the individual papers to the readers.

Essentially, the Web allows people to do that now, for free. They read the stories or blogs they like. But this idea would give readers insurance of sorts that they got all the stories on a particular topic of interest, and they wouldn’t have to surf for them.

Would it work? Langeveld points out it could pose problems with larger newspapers, although one of the commenters makes a cogent case for using these individual newspapers to support hyperlocal efforts. My take: Explore it; can’t hurt.


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