Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Advice for Oce, HP, Google, InfoPrint . . . and any textbook publisher who is not in a meeting

The value prop
Free textbooks for every kid in America (or the world)

The content
Wikipedia (or textbook or newspaper or magazine) content.

The team
A subject - science, history, civics, etc - editor + a subject educator + a writer.

The method
The editor talks to the educator to get a clear understanding of the standards and curriculum. The editor then selects stories from their morgue + current news stories and/or content created by the teachers and kids on the wiki. The educator writes the quizzes. The writer crafts 500 words plus captions for each edition. The educator and editor approve the final copy.

The wiki-newspapers are produced week by week in newspaper time. The content is available on line and in print. The long tail is the library of created newspaper files. The path to continuous improvement is with feedback from the classroom and the measure of effectiveness.

The money
Municipal, Regional, State and Federal Government health departments buy ads to fight childhood obesity or other public health issues.

The production method
Hyperlocalized newspapers, issue chosen by the teacher in the classroom, delivered weekly to each classroom. Black only is fine. Color if they can afford it.

This also works for MPS education practices and Xerox and Kodak. Except it's whatever format the CRD or local PSP can easily do. Then it's a wikinewsletter and sometimes a wikibook. But it has to have the quizzes and the content has to be aligned with standards.

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