Monday, March 30, 2009

Noel Ward, Brimstone Hill, and HP get it.

from Brimstone Hill Associates:
. . . "Providing such roadmaps to success have long been the goal of print industry trade shows, conferences and trade associations. Yet truly useful sharing and collaboration has been uncommon because print providers eyed their contemporaries as competitors and were reluctant to share information.

Now reality has set in.

The typical printer today isn't just competing with someone down the street for local customers but someone he never heard of in another time zone. This flattening of the marketplace is (finally) lessening the fear of competitors 'stealing one's ideas' while hastening the realization that success in this digital age comes from learning from others and applying knowledge in creative and innovative ways. Then sharing what you've done with your peers.

At Dscoop4, everyone I spoke with echoed the sense that such collaboration was a tide that would lift all boats. 'There's more digital printing to be done than any of us can do,' one Dscoop member said to me. 'We all become stronger and more successful by sharing, collaborating and learning together.'"

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