Monday, March 30, 2009

Xerox's Secret Weapon - The Xerox Foundation

The foundation needs to move from grants to colleges and universities and towards grants for the most promising educational innovations on the ground. If they focused, they have the opportunity to help solve the central problem of the next century. If the question is global peace and security, the answer is education.

Delivery of education is next up for the disruption created by moving from value chain commercial models to user network commercial models. Given the abysmal performance for bottom of the pyramid populations of the value chain model, it's clear something big is going to happen. Given the Obama Administration, it's likely that it will happen much faster than previously thought possible.

The problem is not the teachers or the administrators or the Unions. The problem is a legacy industrial model that never really worked for the bottom of the pyramid. The most cogent description and explanation is Disrupting Class: Changing the Way the World Learns. Watch the video here. Buy the book here.

If and when, the Xerox Foundation engages the Wikipedia Foundation, the direction becomes very clear. The good news for everyone involved in the printernet is that wikibooks and wikinewspapers will help make everyone's life better.

And . . . if someone can figure out a way to link to the intelligence and passion at Xerox PARC , education delivery could get that much closer to the inevitable tipping point.

That's why Xerox is my home team. It's not because of my IRA, nor the iGen, nor the great people I know at Xerox.

Go Mets!

from Xerox Foundation Information: "From its beginnings, Xerox has helped shape the idea of corporate social responsibility. Our education and social service efforts reflect our belief that a successful corporation must be an active participant in society.

Xerox remains committed to a program of grants to colleges and universities that prepare qualified men and women for careers in business, government and education. Xerox also is committed to furthering the advance of knowledge in science and technology and enhancing learning opportunities for minorities and the disadvantaged."


  1. Hope they move in this exciting direction you start to touch upon!

  2. I bet that if somehow this gets on the radar of the Board of Directors and the folks who manage the Foundation this might pass the "why wouldn't I do that" test. My guess is that people are already talking about something like this. It's just the typical signal v noise problem.

    Only time will tell.