Friday, April 3, 2009

You gotta love Print!

Since I added Kodak, Oce and Ricoh to the IRA, here's what my Schwab account says:
Ricoh +12.5%, Kodak +11.5%, Oce +43.5%, .

Since I have Xerox for years, I don't get comparable percentage.

Suffice it say that in the middle of February it closed at $5.98.
When I looked at about 10:13 AM EST, it was $4.90.

Anyone else see a pattern?

Meanwhile, if HP spins off Print so I could bet on that. Or if someone has a way to bet on Independent MPS, or Alphagraphics, I could probably worry a little less about being retired.

If they decide to issue hybrid preferreds like CitiCorp (C+P at Schwab, C.P at Wachovia) I would be really happy.

Go Print!

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