Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ColorQube v HC ComColor: Compare and Contrast

Video is the best tool for seeing what's new. The web is the best place tool for search. Print is the best tool for figuring out what to do about it.

A Google search on Riso ComColor gets you this.
A Google Search on Xerox ColorQube gets you this.
A Google Search on Xerox ColorCube gets you this.

Getting all the info to make an intelligent decision is the hard part. That's where an independent adds value.

So far I found this about the ColorQube at Greg Walter's Death of the Copier posted in May 2009.
Advertised as offering full color pages at 85ppm for $23,500
Then I found Andy Tribute's column at WhatTheyThink posted in June 2009.
This product line has five models ranging from a low end 90 pages/minute ComColor 3010 at a price of $25,194 to the top of the line ComColor 9050 running at 150 pages/minute with a price of $46,194.
But there are so many more issues to consider.

It would be helpful if someone could do a side by side comparison on a printable A4. It would be much easier to compare and contrast. If they added CodeZ QR + a human readable pURL, a dealer would know who was looking at what, when. They the dealer could make the phone call or send the email, start the real conversation, and maybe close a deal.

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