Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wireless TV means a greater need for Clickable Print

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New Next Likely To Be Wireless Internet TV 07/21/2009:
"First came the high-def, then the flat-panel. The next wave of television technology is likely to be TVs that wirelessly connect to the Internet.

According to ABI Research, some 20 million TVs offering wireless connectivity -- whether integrated in the hardware or available through an attachment -- will ship globally by 2011. That number will account for roughly 10-11% of the television sales market -- up from about 2% in 2009, says ABI industry analyst Michael Inouye.

While Internet connectivity for televisions has been available, the devices have not reached a market saturation where many people know about them. Most televisions still require a wired connection, and there were only a few wireless sets on the market. This year, however, may mark the difference."

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