Monday, July 20, 2009

Ooops! AT&T: The iPhone's Achilles' Heel

So the good news for Apple is that make nice money from AT&T. The bad news is in the snippet below. With Android being released on everything else, I'm thinking that Apple will figure out a better business model going forward.

AT&T: The iPhone's Achilles' Heel
Seeking Alpha:
"When Om Malik of GigaOM said he was breaking up with his iPhone 5 months ago because of the failures of AT&T (T), I must admit, I thought he was overreacting. I was wrong.

Since I switched to AT&T from Verizon (VZ) just over 2 years ago to get the iPhone (which, of course, AT&T has exclusively in the U.S.), there have been no shortage of shortcomings by AT&T. But as of late, I’ve been noticing things getting much, much worse. And I’m hardly the only one. And so it’s time to call out AT&T on those failures. And plead with Apple (AAPL) not to renew its exclusive contract with AT&T when it expires next year.

In my mind, the most recent AT&T failure is completely inexcusable. Its visual voicemail system — which is the only way to be notified of voicemails on the iPhone — has been down for many users for days, if not weeks. And AT&T apparently didn’t bother to tell anyone. What does this mean? Thousands, or hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of missed connections, that could be vital for personal lives, business and a host of other things. I’m simply dumbfounded by the failure."

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