Saturday, July 25, 2009

Engineers Rock! Experienced Craftspeople + Science = Engineers. They make hard stuff, easy. It sounds like Kodak has some great engineers

Yesterday I tweeted:
Noel Ward @PrintCeo: Kodak says Prosper A4 TCO is .008 4c 35% and .00015 per mono. Infoprint? Oce? HP? Xerox?
At PrintCEO, I commented:

Thank you for the detailed report. It will be great to get three wide format continuous inkjets in the marketplace.

Since my particular focus is on versioned and personalized newspapers I’m curious if the prosper can print on newsprint or close to newsprint.

If I read it correctly a tabloid page in color would be appx .008 x 2 = 1.6 cents and .0015 x 2 for .003 per black and white tabloid page. That translates into 24 page tabloid in black only for .072 plus paper and folding.

If those numbers check out I think it might open up a market for the versioned newspapers to eat into the high school textbook market.

I don’t know the pricing on the infoprint, hp or oce machines, but a selling cost of less than 20 cents a copy should find it’s place in the education marketplace.

Or my math could be wrong.

If EK would spin off the Print piece (Creo dna + photo engineers) it would be a nice play for my IRA. (Kodak Gallery + digital camera) dna would be nice for someone else's IRA. I don't know much about photography.

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