Friday, July 24, 2009

HP ties one more knot in their Printernet

Earlier in the week, HP announced that HP+ Consolidated are doing a printernet customization product for National Geographic.

Today I read from Cary Sherbourne at WTT about PressSense. As usual, a column by Cary is worth the click. A snippet below.

Beyond Web-to-Print, Drew Swankie of R and R Images
from WhatTheyThink
"DS: While a lot is the same, HP has taken it in a different direction. For example, HP will have Adobe InDesign Server integrated into the same iWay interface. That means that you can build storefront servers that allow you to do anything you can do in InDesign. You can have all kinds of font effects and tie it in with third parties such as DirectSmile, MindFire and others. It ties it all together in a nice package, even including high-end variable data templates. This allows us to have more complex jobs in the storefront. It also offers a customer service module that makes it not only a Web-to-print storefront, but a complete job tracking and management system. In the past, we had different workflows and different individuals who each knew how to do one thing. They might know PrintSmith or iWay but were not likely to know both. Now with the new customer service module, all of our production will run through one system instead of four or five."

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