Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smart print or clickable print, same thing different jargon. But it's good news for either.

If online video is going to grow and social networks are going to grow and smart print connects the two, why wouldn't it be the low hanging fruit?

Advertising Will Change Forever - Advertising Age -
"It means media is in trouble, or at least in the middle of a transformation. For example, online video ads, which will be about $870 million this year, will grow to over $3 billion in 2014. What will this do to networks plans to put more of their shows online in places like Hulu. How will it accelerate some newspapers plans to become more and more centered around online?

And it means that social 'media,' which will account for $716 million this year between social network campaigns and agency fees, will generate $3 billion in five years. And this doesn't even count displays ads on social networks (which are in the display ads category.) Of all the parts of digital marketing, social network marketing one is poised for the most explosive growth."

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