Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More on the XRX Earnings Call when I get the chance. Short story..nice.

At Seeking Alpha the rule is "
You may quote up to 400 words of any transcript on the condition that you attribute the transcript to Seeking Alpha and either link to the original transcript or to www.SeekingAlpha.com.
Here's the link to the call transcript. You can read the full thing over there if you like. Ursula gives a nice, clear picture of what it looks like from the mountain top.

Meanwhile, anyone notice that XRX closed at 7.93 yesterday.

Go Ursula!
Go Xerox!

And some of my not so humble suggestions from last Thursday to get the SAG down, down, down , fast, fast, fast , all the while increasing our ability to take advantage of the turn around when it comes along. It's about harnessing XRX dna on the loose, setting up PARC University and fixing high school education.

Full disclosure: Long on Xerox.

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