Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Web is a pull media for a niche market. Print is a push media for the mass market. Media is not zero sum. It's the more, the more.

Online Media: Why Time Spent on Internet Is Leveling Off -
Advertising Age - Digital:

"NEW YORK ( -- Time spent with the internet, as it turns out, doesn't balloon indefinitely.

That might sound obvious, but this is the year web surfing leveled off at 12 hours a week after growing from less than six hours a week in 2004, according to Forrester's annual survey of more than 40,000 American consumers' self-reported media habits. The report, released Monday, also indicates relative stabilization in other media channels, most notably newspaper and magazine reading.

Ad Age:
For years we've heard prognosticators talk about the internet's virtually limitless growth -- and the byproduct of that, the shrinking time people spend with non-internet media. Do you think this "stagnation" challenges the assumptions many people have about how we're moving to an all-digital world?

Ms. Rousseau-Anderson: People aren't giving up traditional media yet. Again, it's all about specialization. So there is still a lot of room for growth, but people are going to seek content that specifically speaks to them. Understanding target groups becomes the key to that growth

Ad Age: Some traditional media have actually shown less decline than what one might think, from the headlines. People reported no change in their TV habits from 2004 to 2009; they reported a 6% drop in magazine reading, although it appeared flat over the past year; and while newspaper reading has dropped 17% since 2004, it appears flat over the past year.

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