Monday, July 27, 2009

OOPS! Auto Marketing: GM Shops Sweat . . C'mon globals tell'em about clickable print and printernet publishing and cell phones. Lutz will love it.

If you think you are a Market Service Provider or do Solutions Selling, why not give a call to every agency in the world that is going to make a pitch for GM's business? That would be a nice service to provide a marketer or selling a solution that someone could use this afternoon.

The latest YouTube videos for GM were awesome! With clickable print every kid in the States would love to watch them and others you come up with on their smartphones.

And even if they don't, you'll get "metrics" if you use CodeZ QR. And even if you don't, the suits on the Board of Directors will think Lutz is a genius.

And we all know that's what gets the deal in the end anyway.

Auto Marketing: GM Shops Sweat as Lutz Heads to Caribbean - Advertising Age - News: "DETROIT ( -- GM's new marketing top gun, Bob Lutz, met with the automaker's brand teams on July 14, spent 10 to 20 minutes critiquing the work for each brand and, in the words of someone in the know, 'crapped all over the advertising.' Then he jetted off to the Caribbean island of Montserrat on holiday, leaving some scared individuals in his wake."

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