Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nobody needs more data. Everybody needs more maps. Education needs Print2Web.

Spreadsheets tell you what was. Maps help you get from here to there. Spreadsheets capture a moment. Maps articulate a process. Education, marketing and managing complexity is all about process flow. Any baby boomer - once a hippie - will tell you that "You have to go with the flow."

The process:

The product:

see more at Maps of Science : Better Maps, Better Decisions

From Wired Magazine:
The pursuit of human knowledge has a shape.

By crunching data from more than a billion user interactions on scholarly databases, Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers produced a high-resolution map of the relationships between different fields of science.

They’re not the first to map science, though they insist that their map is best. Other topographers of knowledge, they say, aren’t up to date on what modern scholars search for, and rely too much on natural science databases.

(Maybe that’s why the Los Alamos map, published in Public Library of Science ONE , looks a bit like the Milky Way, while this lovely scientific paradigm map — a favorite of Nature and Seed magazine — looks like an amoeba.)

The Los Alamos team analyzed click streams from 23 databases — Thomson Scientific, Elsevier, Jstor, Ingenta and multiple campuses of the University of Texas and California State University — and mapped patterns of interest and cross-journal citations.

Education is not about training.
Training is about training. Education is about managing access to knowledge in the service of learning. High School education is in the service of High School kids learning.

Clickable Print + Clickable Web generate click streams.
It's not just Web2Print. It's also Print2Web.


  1. Michael. Perfect points! I'm with you. Web2Print and Print On-Demand Books: effective, smart, responsive, cost-conscious, green and flexible. Can also co-exist with digital content media to meet a spectrum of needs.
    Going with the flow.
    Sandra Zoratti