Sunday, July 26, 2009

"What happens when Verizon gets iPhone--as is widely expected in 2010?"

Probably bad news for AT&T. Good news for Verizon. Good news for Google. And very, very good news for clickable print (Print + TinyPurls + QR codes.)

The AT&T v Verizon story is in the snippet. The story for Clickable Print is that hand held computers (smartphones) will scale in the USA under conditions of open competition. The more hand held computers + built in video cameras, the more value created by clickable print.

AT&T CEO: Exclusive iPhone Deal Won't Last Forever - Business Center - PC World: "What happens when Verizon gets iPhone--as is widely expected in 2010?"
. . .
Exclusive handset deals are helping AT&T sign-up more new customers than Verizon, but exclusive probably isn't forever, admits AT&T's CEO. Post-exclusivity, AT&T's future doesn't look nearly as bright as its past. Verizon's lead looks solid.

Verizon said Friday it added 1.1 million customers in the second quarter. That's less than the 1.4 million AT&T reported a day earlier. However, Verizon remains the #1 provider of cellphone service in the U.S., with 87.7 million customers compared to #2 AT&T 79.6 million.

Much of AT&T's growth has come from exclusive deals with handset manufacturers, notably Apple for the iPhone and RIM for the BlackBerry Bold. But, those deals won't last forever, and then what?

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson yesterday told attendees at a Fortune-sponsored conference that iPhone exclusivity probably won't last forever, but refused to elaborate.

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