Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Zealand has been doing the cool stuff first for a while. Estate agent QR code marketing.

"Cool" is what gets early adopters. The right price gets mass adoption. The monetization part is about metrics. That's why CodeZ QR or copy cats is such a big deal. To the extent that the path to monetization includes print, print becomes more valuable. As print becomes more valuable, margins increase.

In the video, is he holding a cell phone or a hand held computer? Maybe netbooks will be too big.
Estate agent QR code marketing:
"New Zealand based online estate agent have added QR codes to their property marketing materials. Print advertising, window cards and flyers will now feature a specific QR code for the property being sold and will direct the user to detailed information on the property as well as offering a virtual tour.

Some of the latest research from the Media Lab. If you've seen Minority Report, you already know where this is going. But watch the whole thing and you'll see where Print fits.

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