Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazon does IP protected. Google does everything else. The huge opportunity for POD. Go Oce! Maybe Kodak, too!

Oce seems to own the black only book market. Kodak Prosper might make a challenge with .0015 per A4 at production speeds. In any case, does anything more really need to be said?

Books to be stored in Google “cloud,” so any bookstore can sell a “Google edition” : By Noelle Skodzinski : Book Business:
"Part of Google's vision, he noted, is that the digital content for any book a consumer purchases would be stored on that consumer's “cloud library” (on Google's servers) indefinitely, enabling him to access that same content, at any time now or in the future, on any digital device as well.

This aspect of Google's vision seems to address many publishers' goal for the ideal digital rights management system—that consumers could buy a book (essentially buying the rights to access the digital content of the book) and access that content on any and all devices they want (from their mobile phone to their laptop to their e-reader) as well as print the book, if they want, etc."

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