Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can anyone help me understand what's going on with 2D codes on indicias?

A few weeks ago I got some mailings from financials with 2D codes. Then this morning I got a UPS package from Amazon with a 2D code. This is not a consumer facing application.

On the other hand, my e buddies have been telling me that 2D are too something to be used for process logistics metrics.

But, that statement is being contradicted by what I see. If what I think I'm seeing is true, it could be huge to produce process logistic metrics in education. Real time process metrics fixes about 40% of bottom of the pyramid high school education.

If it's too uncomfortable using a real name with links to your outfit, feel free to use anon or make up a really cool name and give everyone a smile along with some really important(2me) information.

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