Friday, September 18, 2009

TwitterSchool: The Value of Print

ToughLoveforX #KM POV: Twitter is interesting(4U) environment. If interesting(4u) = interesting(2me), twitterstrings entangle |#revolutionizescience

ToughLoveforX #KM POV: If interesting(4U )= interesting(2me) , I follow. Autofollow creates a false metric. |#revolutionizescience

ToughLoveforX #KM POV:Interesting(4U)=interesting(2me) is a good metric for info xchange. Fair xchange -> sustainability |#revolutionizescience

ToughLoveforX #KM POV: process metrics: Follow then RT then DM. Tweet @ is public process metric. To make public is to publish. |#revolutionizescience

ToughLoveforX #KM POV: # tag is filter for interesting(2me). Creates value by reducing energy needed to discover = value of Print.|#revolutionizescience

Video (previously TV) and Print are medium that enable discover. The web is about search. TV and Print require much lower energy. You can tell because it's so easy to fall asleep in the presence of TV and Print. It's almost impossible to fall asleep at the screen.

The new capability of TV and Print is to emit data that can be understood as process metrics and therefore have the potential of creating the value of actionable information.

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