Thursday, September 17, 2009

Using Twitter as step one for actionable information from Print 09.

Information only has value when it leads to better decisions. Actionable information is about having the information at hand when a decision has to be made. Tweets are data points. Rich "dots" of information that have links to other data points.

Step One
find the interesting(2me) tweets. That's easy.

Step Two
follow the links as long as each click delivers interesting(2me). As soon as it doesn't or if it takes too long (2me) STOP and use the time to find more interesting(2me).

Step Three
Keep repeating until you run out of time. Then start up again when there is more time available.

Here's what I found was interesting(2me) in the time I wanted to spend. I'll go back some other time when I'm in the mood. When you have some relaxed time, you can do it yourself by going to Twitter School. The hashtag is #print09.

ConciergeMktg @dcarli Top 3 WOWs at #Print09 - The perfect scuff free lamination product, a new metallized ink (awesome), Cindi from Quark.

johnfoleyjr RT @KarenLoueez Barb Pellow speaks at #print09 of Augmented Reality, Click on See How it Works to see pages come to li ...

KarenLoueez @LRobiner I am a fan of #Accudata and they really impessed me in their booth at #print09. Their new integration looks simple and easy.

SherriAAustin RT @tweetmeme 6 Tips for Customizing Your Small Business Blog. #print09

HSPR_Public #Print09 There's still time to see the Xanté Ilumina Digital Envelope Press (1667) & all the Production Automation Tools @ Crossroads (6763)

PrintersMag Dry Fog Humidifier AKIMist "E" for sheet offset printing. Contact "The Mist Engineers" at IKEUCHI USA, Inc. Booth 5631 #Print09

XeroxEvents Last day of #Print09 – check out videos of Xerox solutions live from the show floor

craftsmen_atl RT @ jhewell1 3-D printers. From creating an iPod cover to a human organ?!?! #Print09 about 20 hours ago from

cbgb0426 Watching my colleague @PatMcGrew - footage from Kodak's KZone at #print09

jasonpinto We have a few thumb drives to giveaway today.. If u can decode the qr code on our panel, you win! Booth 7240 #print09

jeffgrill RT @jhewell1: Paper thin lcd screens, salvation for magazine and newspaper publishing industry #hpprint09 see #print09

IMCS_Team Looks Fun! RT @Robot818: Kodak's booth was the best part of my day. Video of their touch screen table. #print09

davehultin Print 09 Observations: Some random #Print09 observations from the perspective of

anetah @magnetsfast based on twttr updates Social Media is making a big splash at #print09. R U noticing the same? My thoughts

anetah just uploaded lots of new pictures from Pitney Bowes exhibit at #print09 thanks @maryannski for yr photographic eye

HSPR_Public "...this looks like a very slick and useful set of applications." - Stephen Beals #Print09

EFI_Print_Tech - One last day to see our new VUTEk GS systems at #Print09.

SherriAAustin @ericvessels - I missed the "Best of WhatTheyThink" book giveaway. Will it be available for download as a PDF? ; ) #print09

HSPR_Public #Print09 Stephen Beals blogs about DMP FLO Media Viewer

CnvCurmudgeon #Packaging printing & converting-technology "mash-up" at #PRINT09 (Update #2):

JSroc Kodak created a video for their booth at #Print09 which I went to Chicago to see after months of development. Check out

EFI_Print_Tech RT @lightninglabels Six high impact trends in packaging from this morning at #Print09:

EricVessels Such great feedback on our "Best of WhatTheyThink" book. If you don't get 1 at manroland's booth we'll make them avail on site l8r #print09

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