Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nice work, Katie Maller. I knew I was right to add EFI to the portfolio

I put EFI in to my "printernet" portfolio at 10.768. At 2:52pm EDT it's 12.06. Just keep taking advantage of PRINT IS DEAD. Any way, I got my email from Katie a couple of hours ago. Instead of me having to wade through everything now, I can wait till later.

Just a friendly suggestion.
The format of your email is perfect for tweeting. It hasn't gotten on my radar so you may be already doing that.

If you use a tinyurl or a QR code, you could have all your PSPs have a clickable postcard that would make a great leave behind for the sales force. If it were a TinyPurl and it took the customer to a video at YouTube, I'm thinking your folks stay top of mind. Plus then I could listen instead of read. Less work(2me), which is of course all I really care about it.

Here's what I mean about the print piece:

EFI Extends Fiery Leadership in Digital Production Printing with its Latest Product Innovations
QR code generator

Anyway, keep those cards and letters coming.

Here's Katie's email:

EFI Extends Fiery Leadership in Digital Production Printing with its Latest Product Innovations

EFI Reaches New Level of Integration with Embedded JDF Technology

Advanced Fiery Technology Now Available on Konica Minolta Color Digital Presses

Ricoh and EFI Introduce Powerful Fiery QX100 for the Production Printing Market

EFI Launches High Performance Fiery Server Designed for Ricoh Black-and-White Digital Imaging Systems

EFI Launches High Performance Fiery Server for New Xerox DocuColor Digital Presses

Print MIS and Workflow News

EFI Web Control Center Manages Remote Proofing and Printing

EFI and xpedx Enter National Reseller Agreement, Expand Technology Collaboration for Printers

EFI Previews Enhancements to Pace MIS at PRINT 09, Announces Hosted SAAS Option

EFI Makes Anytime, Anywhere Scheduling Control Possible with Launch of PrintFlow Web

Heeter Direct Upgrades to EFI Pace Solution to Strengthen JDF Workflows, Further Streamline Operations

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