Monday, September 14, 2009

Twitter School Day 3: MJ makes a friend in the Netherlands.

The conversation took place over about an hour this am. See previous post to get some context on twitter name "pvantees". Check out the comments.

@ToughLoveforX got to love Google Translate; it's handy and sometimes very funny!

@pvantees Good enough has to be good enough. Funny is a feature not a bug.

pvantees@ToughLoveforX :-)

pvantees@ToughLoveforX btw .. what time is it on your end ... must be very early!

@pvantees It's 5:25 am. But I'm a retired boomer. can't sleep past 4:30. Twitter is more fun than cable channels selling me x,y,z,.....

@pvantees BTW, when you can take a look at #revolutionizescience. I need to get a better fix on whether I'm just drinking my own kool aid.

pvantees@ToughLoveforX Would that be the tweets with the hashtag or particular posts on your blog?

@pvantees hashtag is best. everything is entangled from there.

pvantees@ToughLoveforX ok, will do. Expect the diagnosis sometime later today :-)

@Pvantees thank you, doctor.

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