Saturday, September 19, 2009

InfoTrends Needs to find a new business model

$295 for a one time purchase of one reports ain't got a future going forward. No doubt it's good information in one place. No doubt it will be worth the price to someone. But high price reports doesn't have much of future going forward, in my not s humble opinion.

There's a couple of better models emerging. When I get a chance I'll put it into a report and sell it for whatever the traffic will bear. Meanwhile I'll keep focused on TransPromo Live by Lee Gallagher. "An open discussion on Transpromo and it’s potential applications."

From the InfoTrends buy site:
The term “TransPromo” is used to describe documents that include marketing, educational, informational, or other messaging presented alongside transaction information—whether in print or online. This strategic assessment is designed to familiarize readers with the challenges confronted by today’s marketing executives, the importance of transaction documents as a communications tool, and provide a better understanding of the TransPromo concept.

  • Introduction
  • The Marketing Communication Challenge
  • Transaction Documents
    Cutting through the Clutter
    Relevant Consumer Touchpoints
    Managing the Customer Relationship Lifecycle
  • What is TransPromo?
    The History of TransPromo
    TransPromo Benefits
    The TransPromo Opportunity
  • Key Considerations and Enablers
    Achieving Organizational Alignment
    The Right Offer for the Right Recipient
    Measurement and Tracking
    Digital versus Offset Printing
    Worldwide Placements of Ultra High-Volume Production Color Devices
    Enterprise TransPromo Publishing Systems
    The Lifecycle Discussion
    Making the Complex Simple
  • TransPromo… Why Now?
    TransPromo Benefits
    A Post-Sales Communication
    Call Center Cost Savings
    Personalization Attracts Attention!
    The e-Presentment Migration
    Increased Personalization = Increased Response Rate
    Targeting Customers to Build Loyalty and Retention
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Management
  • QR Codes
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: TransPromo Examples
    Humana, Inc.
    Veterinary Metrics

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