Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ain't the web great?

from Office Equipment:
"I am an office manager, I don’t manage anyone, but I make the office run smoothly. And I work for a local Xerox agency so I wear many hats! My duties include: Filing, ordering supplies (toners, drums, etc), ordering Xerox machines (printers, faxes, etc.) Keeping inventory, answering phones, transferring calls, taking/relaying messages, typing documents (Contracts, memos, etc.), Scheduling/Rescheduling appointments, Accounts payable/recievable, Maintaining office (Taking out trash, Sweeping, Making coffee), Scheduling Service calls for customers (Sending out a service tech when customers have problems with their machines), Operating Xerox Equipment (Replacing supplies for machines we use in office i.e. un-jamming copiers, Invoicing customers and making sure they pay their bills, among other duties.

How much should I be getting paid an hour?"
Anyone who thinks they are going to control the messaging, better think again. That includes NoDramaObama, auto executives, and Rush Limbaugh.

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