Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More from the land of Oz

read @ ProPrint:
"Short-to-medium run book printer Ligare has opened its new Digital Print Facility at a ceremony this morning at the company’s headquarters in the Sydney suburb of Riverwood.

The new facility was opened by the federal member for Banks, Daryl Melham MP who said he was “staggered by the size of the facility”.

The new facility features an Oce VarioPrint 6250 sheet printer capable of producing 250 A4 double-sided sheets per minute. Ligare chief executive Cliff Brigstocke saying that there may be plans to introduce another 6250 soon.

On the web-fed side, there is also an Oce VarioStream 7450, capable of producing the equivalent of 880 pages per minute. An Oce 2110 is now on site for smaller runs of products such as invoices and financial statements, as well as an Oce 620 colour printer. This Oce kit joins the Oce CS9000 colour printer that was already on site."
I guess he hasn't heard that the sky is falling and Print is dead. Here's the punch line:
Big businesses are the biggest whingers in the world, but the growth always comes from medium and small businesses,” Melham said.

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  1. Good to hear of the success of the Océ's Down Under. Over here in the UK the Océ 6250 has proved a big hit with short-run digital book runs - it's getting great reviews!