Thursday, February 5, 2009

What is MPS exactly anway?

read at Print4Pay Hotel
"What is Print Management? How will it benefit you and your customers?

Despite the fact that print management has become a ubiquitous term there is still considerable
confusion about what exactly it is and what its benefits are. Many people confuse print management and fleet management solutions, but the two perform very different functions.

Fleet management (or device management) solutions are used to collect meter reads on imaging devices and perform service functions such as supplies management and service history tracking.

In contrast, a comprehensive print management solution allows organizations to capture and control every print job that occurs in an environment. Print management solutions also enable organizations to control who can print to where and can be used to alter user behavior by setting printing limits, restricting color usage and forcing duplexing.

As this article will explain, a print management solution can be a powerful revenue generating and
cost saving tool that can benefit any organization by performing three key functions: Workflow analysis, cost reduction and cost recovery."

If you can break through noise with a clear signal, and price it correctly this should pass the "Why wouldn't I do that test?" test.

I guess that's why so many people are entering the market.

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