Friday, February 6, 2009

Kodak looking to divest Nexpress? Nah.

read at Print CEO
"The Wall Street Journal reported today that Kodak is looking to divest its Nexpress business through a sale or partnership:

Now Kodak says it can’t afford to keep such businesses as Kodak Gallery and its high-end digital press business, NexPress. It plans to seek partners to share the costs or possibly sell the businesses. It will also limit investment in semiconductor image-sensors and seek a partner."
On the other hand, Jim Hamilton of Info Trends says,
I spoke with Kodak under non-disclosure recently about its go-to-market strategy in the United States and Canada for the Graphic Communications Group (GCG). In light of the misinformation coming out of media portrayal of the investor conference, Kodak has released InfoTrends from its non-disclosure agreement so that I can address the matter. The go-to-market strategy that Kodak shared with InfoTrends made no mention of divestiture, and in fact presented a very different picture of GCG.

You can read the rest of Jim's very interesting report at his InfoBlog
Aren't newspaper reporters terrific? Can you imagine what the next week is going to look like for the Communication folks at Kodak? Maybe if reporters could just go back to rewriting Press Releases and our PR folks wrote in the language of regular people with no spin, we would probably all be better off.

Meanwhile, we'll just keep cruising the internets to compare and contrast. And watch how this plays out. My money is on Jim, not the Wall Street Journal.

Just in at PrintCeo, from Adam Dewitz
WSJ ran a correction tonight at 11PM: “Kodak says it doesn’t plan to sell Kodak Gallery, NexPress or two other operations. Instead it plans to reposition them by finding partners to share their costs, licensing technology or other means. The article incorrectly said Kodak was considering selling the businesses.”
Don't you love it when Print Ceo gets it right and the WSJ gets it wrong, then has to fix it. I knew I was right to bet on Jim.

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