Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's EHG. Not advertising. IBM+Google. They seem to get it.

EHG = education, health and government. Advertising is, well you already pretty much know how that's doing. How's that ECM thing going? Wonder what the defense is for IBM + Google. Google does the ECM part. Ricoh (InfoPrint) prints out the print stuff. And it all runs on IBM hardware. It seems they get "the focus on your core competency" and "network to put the customer offering in place." The market is just too big and too smart for anything else to work.

Congress and Experts and Academia and Think Tanks are going to blablabla about electronic health records. Meanwhile these folks are doing it on the ground. I guess when they get a couple of million users, they'll win by default. As WalMart and Costco scale their appropriately priced meds and install low cost preventive medicine clinics at their sites, the game will pretty much be done.

read at The Technology Chronicles
IBM partners with Google Health:
People who use Google Health will now be able to automatically stream data from medical devices - such as those used to monitor glucose levels and blood pressure - into their personal health records.

In a partnership announced Thursday, Google Health users will be able to use IBM software to connect their personal medical devices to their health record. That will allow patients to exchange the data with their doctors or other authorized parties in real time."

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